Podcasts for Developers

May 2015

Even though computer science doesn’t change too quickly, software engineering changes all the time. New libraries, languages, and architectural patterns emerge, jump the shark, and die, only to re-emerge a few years later. How’s a working engineer supposed to keep up without spending every free moment on Hacker News?

Podcasts, that’s how. Unfortunately, most podcasts are meandering monologues recorded on a laptop microphone. After a few years of avid listening, though, I’ve found a pretty good selection of shows—if you share my interests in web development, data science, and startups, you may find something you like. All these podcasts regularly produce great episodes, but I listen to the three-star shows religiously and the one-star shows only if the topic sounds appealing.

If you know of a great show that isn’t on my list, let me know—I’m always looking for something new.

General Engineering

  1. Software Engineering Radio ★★★
  2. The Changelog ★★★
  3. Hanselminutes ★★
  4. Talk Python to Me ★★
  5. Coder Radio ★★
  6. The Ship Show

The Web

  1. The Big Web Show ★★
  2. The Path to Performance ★★
  3. The Web Ahead ★ (the Web Behind sub-series was ★★★)
  4. JavaScript Jabber

Data Science and Big Data

  1. Talking Machines ★★★
  2. O’Reilly Data Show

Startups and Silicon Valley

  1. StartUp Podcast ★★★
  2. a16z


A quick word on podcasting clients: the official podcast clients from Apple and Google are okay, but it’s worth spending a few dollars to get a top-notch third-party app. If you’re on iOS, Marco Arment’s Overcast is simply amazing.